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Police hiding at Rufford Ford to catch drivers speeding through ford crossing in Nottinghamshire village

 A video has emerged showing police waiting at a notorious stretch of road in a Nottinghamshire village for speeding drivers. The video was taken at Rufford Ford, in the village of Rufford located just outside of Mansfield, and shows a number of cars and also quadbikes appearing to go through standing water very quickly splashing the river waters.

The footage shows police at the spot, seemingly waiting for cars to speed past before making their way through the water themselves - on some occasions turning their sirens and lights on to pull over drivers. All of this went on while onlookers stood at the side of the road, filming what was going on and at points cheering as cars and quadbikes went past.

The stretch of road is very well known, especially for cars, vans and other vehicles getting stuck their after heavy rainfall - it was once named as the most common place in the county for drivers to get stuck. One viral video, released in May last year and showing multiple vehicles getting stuck there, recieved millions of views online.

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